Brand Presentation

Our company has been dedicated solely to manufacturing sunglasses for the last 50 years. The collection is modern, basic, very commercial and is directed to consumers demanding guaranteed quality and design.We endeavour to make sunglasses fit comfortably and securely.
The advertising material and the displays enhance the product and blend in well with quality establishments. They are currently distributed in over 2,000 shops in the European Community.
Our optical quality lenses have powerful solar filters that satisfy European regulations on the absorption of 100% of harmful U.V. rays.
We satisfy the European Community security regulation UNE-EN 1836:2006+A1:3009 for individual protection equipment. We are also registered as distributors of health products, with the license number  584-PS.
It is possible to buy through our website, with the reassurance that if any model does not satisfy your expectations you have one month in which to return it.
We also provide the option for exchange models that have not sold through your business*, in this way the Donye display will be always up to date.
*According to the general terms and conditions of the company.